How to Add Bots to Discord?

When you run a Discord server, you get options to add bots to Discord users to provide unique features. All pro Discord users know the immense benefits of Discord bots.

Adding a Discord bot isn’t that hard. This article is for you if you’re new to Discord bots.

Discord bots automate most human tasks, including moderating content, welcoming new members, and blocking spam. Moreover, you can use bots’ commands to add music, custom memes, games, and a reward system in the chat to keep users engaged.

Now that you know Discord bots’ benefits, let’s talk about adding these bots to your Discord server.

Top 10 best Discord bots

How to add Discord bots?

Adding bots to the discord server

First thing first, you’d need to search for Discord bot either through the creator’s website or a place where all bots are uploaded. is where you can find a diverse range of Discord bots.

You can find bots according to their theme, such as Music, Moderation, Games, etc. You can also search and select bots by analyzing the upvotes they have received.

After choosing the preferred bot, you can add it to your Discord server by tapping on the “Invite” button. website will automatically redirect you to your Discord application. (Some bots will redirect you to their official website instead. You can add the bot only through the website.)

Steps to add bots to Discord

Step 1 – Turn on Administrator Access on the server

You will have to be an administrator or moderator of a server to add bots. Check with your Server administrator before modifying the server.

  • Select the server you’d like to add the bot to from your Discord App.  Ensure you have enabled “Manage Servers” permissions on the server that you want to add the bot to.
  • Choose the drop-down menu and then tap “Server Settings.”
  • Next, tap “Roles” and then scroll down to the “General Permissions setting and toggle on the “Administrator” features in Discord.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button.

Step 2 –Get the Bots You Want

The next step is to find and add the bot. Depending on your Bot’s source website, you may see either the “Invite” or “Add Bots” option.

  • If you’re adding the MEE6 bot, you’d have to visit its official website. There, you will find “Add to Discord” instead of “Invite.”
  • Tap on the “Add to Discord” or “Invite” to proceed to the next level.
  • Follow the prompts that will take you through a series of permissions, including “Administrator” access.
  • When adding the bot to the Discord server, the app will bring up a confirming dialog asking you to choose which server you want to add the bot. Select your preferred server and then click “Authorize.”
  • Authorize the bot access and complete the ‘Captcha.’ Discord will automatically add the bot to your server.
  • Access the administration page for managing the bot on your server.

Alternative Method

You can easily add bots without visiting any website. You’ll need to know the Client ID of the bot. Once you have the Client ID, follow this procedure.

  • Open your browser and paste the following URL:<Bot_Client_ID>&scope=bot&permissions=0.
  • Change ‘Bot_Client_ID’ in the above URL with the actual client ID of the bot you want to add.
  • You may still have to authorize the bot even though the command uses Oauth2 authorization.

Step 3 –Authorizing Your Discord Bot

Discord app may still ask you to authorize the bot within the channel even after adding the bot to the server.

Proceed with Using the Bot

  • Some bots will display a tutorial or message once you add them to the server. If you don’t get any tutorial or a list of commands beforehand, you’d need to visit the bot’s website to see the commands.
  • To use bot commands, type the message into the text box and press “Enter,” and then follow-up commands.

How to remove the Discord bot?

To remove the bot from your server, right-click on the bot’s name under the server’s member list and click “kick” or “ban,” depending on if you want to remove it or ban it entirely.

Don’t worry; you need not be a coding geek to add or remove Discord bots. You download pre-developed bots on Discord and add them to your server.

Additional Resources

  • Keep in touch with different Discord communities to find your preferred community.
  • is a multi-category Discord community that allows users to add and promote servers. It features 33 categories of servers, ranging from Anime to Art, Fitness to Furry, and Military to Mature.
  • Github has an online Discord community that features thousands of repositories of Discord bots categorized and rated according to your need.
  • MEE6, Dank Memer,, GAwesome Bot, Tatsumaki, Octave, MedalBot, Xenon, and Apollo are some of the most popular Discord bots that offer various useful features.

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