How to Make a Discord Account?

Discord is probably the most popular chat and streaming app today that allows for an invite-only place to chat, game and movie streaming, and topic-based Discord channel collaboration along with custom Discord bots and tools. The low-latency voice and video offered by Discord feels like you’re in the same room with your friends.

Unlike popular chatting apps like WhatsApp and Slack, Discord comes with much more features customized according to your need. It’s most loved by gamers who wish to stream and chat with their fans using different Discord bots.

To make a Discord account, download the app on your preferred device; computer, laptop, or mobile. If you aren’t comfortable downloading a standalone app, you can use Discord straight in a web browser.

You’d need to create a free account using your email address to start accessing Discord. Once confirmed, you can start making different Discord servers and join channels and communities to begin chatting and streaming content.

How to Make a Discord Account?

Sign up via Discord App

Let’s take a look at the steps for creating an account with Discord.

  • Download the Discord app on your device. You can get the app for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.
    • Visit in your browser to download the installation file on your computer or laptop.
    • Android and iOS Discord users can download the Discord apps directly from their respective app download centers (Google Play Store and App Store).
  • Open the app to start registering Discord accounts.
  • The app will ask you to enter a Username. Try to find and enter a unique username. (You can re-edit your username by visiting the “My Accounts” tab of the User Settings Menu in your Discord app).
  • Secure your account by entering your personal email address and setting a password. Once done, click Claim Account.
  • Log into your email account and find the temporary invitation link email.
  • Click the confirmation email link to verify your new Discord account. (When setting up your account, we recommend using a secure and robust password with Two-Factor Authentication to prevent cyber hacking).

Create a new account through Discord web

  • Go to the Discord registration page.
  • Provide your email address. Discord will use this mail to send the account verification link.
  • Make a new username for your Discord profile
  • Create a new password for your account.
  • Enter the date of birth from the drop-down menu and click continue.
  • Next, confirm the registration by verifying the confirmation link sends to your email.

Voila! You’re done with creating an account with Discord. Next, you can proceed with creating a new server and joining different voice channels in Discord.

You will notice an icon with a plus sign on it. Proceed with creating your servers by clicking “Create My Own.” Remember that you can only start sending invites to your friends in Discord after creating a server.

You virtually own the servers; hence you can create rules to let the new members know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Try some useful bots after a successful registration.

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