What is Acorn tv?

Acorn Tv is a streaming service first launched in 2011 as part of Acorn Media Group, operated by RLJ Entertainment. This company has been selling UK-based television VHS tapes, and later DVDs and Blu-ray disks, to consumers since 1994 and also happens to operate the Sundance Now and Urban Movie Channel streaming services and now has been acquired by AMC Networks.

Acorn TV is a little bit more than just a streaming television service that specializes in TV programs from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Claimed by many to be Anglophile’s dream, If you enjoy watching British, European, and Oceanic shows then video Acorn TV might be your perfect match.

Acorn TV, one of the first niche streaming subscriptions designed for British television nerds, is cheap, without commercials, with some exclusives and originals contents along with over 60 exclusive titles. Acorn TV despite lacking some common technical capabilities, such as 1080p streaming and offline downloads might be worth paying $5.99 per month.

Where is acorn tv available?

Acorn TV is available in the countries listed below:

North America

United States (and U.S. territories)

United States (and U.S. territories)



New Zealand

Latin America













South Africa

Pricing and platform

Acorn TV is currently priced at $5.99 per month, with a discounted cost of $59.99 if you opt for the annual plan. They offer a seven-day trial, where you need to enter payment details during the signup process. Acorn TV’s pricing comes close to other much more popular services such as Hulu although more popular services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both start at $8.99 monthly. And Apple TV+ is there at the cost of only $4.99 per month.

If you do not care about live British channels such as BBC or live matches, you could get better options. Acorn Tv is for a niche audience and if you do not fall under the niche target audience then acorn tv is definitely not the best choice for you.

Acorn TV is available on platforms, including Android and iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast; and via a web browser Though there are no apps for gaming consoles including Xbox or PlayStation.

How do I access acorn TV?

Apple Users can watch Acorn TV through a browser by logging in to www.acorn.tv. Another way for Apple TV users can be using AirPlay on the iPhone or iPad to cast to television.

Chromecast users can download the free Google Home app to cast Acorn TV to their television. And for Android users, Acorn TV can be accessed via browser by logging in to acorn.tv. Other compatible devices include Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Web interface

At first glance, the interface of acorn tv looks clean, with a plain-looking combo of white and pale accents on a darker blue background. The theme seemed to lack uniqueness despite being simple to navigate. The screens took a bit longer to load than anticipated in some cases.

Regarding the menu, on the left-hand side, the home screen has a search bar, along with Browse, Schedule, Help, and Store with their respective features. And in the upper-right-hand, you can see recently watched shows, explore watchlist, and view or manage the details of your account.

The Home screen by default shows a few prevalent shows in a slideshow at the top, below it, such as Most Popular, Beautiful Escapes, Only on Acorn TV, Period Drama, and Feature Film, etc. can be found.

Under each category, you can click the View All button to see everything in that genre sortable by alphabetical order and release date. The Browse section shows a list of all the titles in Acorn TV’s catalog by category. Recently Watched and My Watchlist.

Playback experience

Acorn TV’s playback screen is quite basic. There are volume controls and a play button, you can enable and customize the Closed Captions (CC) and skim through the video. There are play From Start and Resume buttons at the bottom of the player.

Rewind and fast forward options appear on the mobile app, but not on a desktop web browser. Same with the resolution option. Acorn TV’s playback screen also shows the parental rating along with the name list of major cast members.

Playback resolution is revealed by right-clicking on the video and that was on the ceiling of 720p, while some older contents are limited to 480p. This is quite unattractive as an audience because most streaming services upload 1080 content and some even have 4K resolutions.

Accessibility and features

Offline downloads are not available on Acorn. Other streaming services in the market such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Starz all support offline downloads, though only for premium subscribers. This can be a major let down for many viewers but On the brighter note, Acorn TV does allow four simultaneous streams like Netflix and Disney+.

Another let down is that Parental control tools are not available. Parental control can be helpful for parents not wanting their children watching anything age-inappropriate, or with violence or mature themes. Even though the subscription is not targeted for young kids and most shows are age appropriate, some shows are for mature audiences never the less.

Appearance of Closed captions, including font size, font family color and text background can be customized from playback screen and you do not have to meddle in with the settings.

One last limitation is that Acorn TV does not support profiles or parental control tools. Profiles let different users customize their lists and potentially get more relevant recommendations. Acorn TV does not currently have anything in the way of ratings or recommendations, but a representative says the service has plans to add one.

Our verdict

The subscription seems suitable only for Fans of British and other international television while it could be a no-go for many others.

What repels people from subscribing to acorn TV is its lack of offline downloads and lack of high-definition streaming. While the plus side seems to be Commercial-free library of British, European, and Oceanic shows, including originals and exclusives.

Four simultaneous streams also seem lucrative but then again Streaming resolution is limited to 720p. Though the price seems inexpensive. It is not worth the price for those who do not fall under the niche viewers.

It Lacks profiles and recommendations and you might face Some stutters on the web interface. If you love British shows however there are dedicated Schedules section for arriving and departing shows.

Make sure to check out the shows that they offer before you decide to spend your money because the worth of this streaming subscription pretty much depends on your taste.

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