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Doesn’t it bother you when you’re scrolling through the Discord servers, and someone spoils the plot or ending of your favorite show or book or game?

Sometimes, avoiding spoiler is inevitable when using a public platform like chatting apps and social media. However, the app has come with a feature that allows Discord users to add spoiler tags so you can avoid seeing spoilers.

Discord allows you to use spoiler tags or spoiler alerts to mark your messages, images, or videos before sending them into a chat. Great for the user’s Discord spoiler tags can be used for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile apps.

How does the Discord Spoiler Tag work?

Discord applies a bunch of ways to use the spoiler tag feature. The tag works differently for a textual message, image, and video.

When you add the spoiler tag for text, you’d see that Discord will black out the marked text. When you tap or click on the blacked-out area, the Discord will un-hide the spoilers.

If you leave the channel and come back to it, the text will get blacked out again.

Discord will blur out the entire thumbnail and add a “SPOILER” tag over it for images and videos. When you click or tap the thumbnail, Discord will unblur the image/video.

Similar to text, once you leave a channel, Discord will hide the image/video again.

How to add a spoiler tag on Discord PC and mac?

Now that you’ve known how the Discord spoiler tag works let’s discuss how you can add it to your messages.

For PC and Mac Users

Discord offers three different methods to add spoiler tag characters to text and one method to add the spoiler tag to images and videos.

First Method to add spoiler tag on Discord

  • Type a message in Discord.
  • Select the content you want to mark as a spoiler.
  • A formatting bar will appear where you can click on the “Eye” icon.

Your text will be marked as a Spoiler. When you enter and send the message, the marked section will be blacked out.

Add spoiler tag with markdown code

You can use the Markdown command to add a spoiler within the code to the message. This is a standard method to add a spoiler tag when you’re familiar with using markdown commands in the Discord app.

  • Type the message on which you want to add a spoiler tag.
  • Add || sign before and after the content, it will mark it as a spoiler. For example: ||The hero will die in the end.||

you can click SHIFT+\ to get the “|” sign.

You can mark a hyperlink as spoilers by merely adding the two bars in front and back of the link URL.

Create spoiler tag using the slash command

Discord offers a bunch of slash commands to convert text to speech.

  • Type /spoiler to add a spoiler tag to the content.

Unlike other methods, the /spoiler command hides the entire message as a spoiler.

Marking Images and Videos

Marking images and videos as a spoiler is extremely easy.

  • Click the “Plus” icon on Discord to add an image or video to the message.
  • Select the media file you want and press enter.
  • Discord will ask you if you want to mart it as a spoiler. When you click the checkbox and upload the image, the image and video will come out as blurred with the word “SPOILER” on them.

How to add a spoiler tag on the Discord Mobile App?

Adding a spoiler box to text on Discord is relatively simple but adding a spoiler for mobile to multimedia is complex.

Adding a spoiler tag on Discord (iOS)

This method is like on a PC; you can

  • Type a message and select the portion you want to tag.
  • A formatting bar will appear where you can select “Mark as Spoiler.”

Adding a spoiler tag on Discord (Andoird/iOS)

This method of marking a spoiler tag applies to both Android and iOS.

  • Use the Markdown command “||” before and after the text to label it a spoiler.

You can find the “|” symbol in the symbols section of the keypad.

Adding a spoiler tag on Images/Videos

Adding spoilers tag on multimedia in Android and iOS is somewhat tricky. Discord doesn’t offer an easy feature to make multimedia a spoiler.

Unfortunately, you can only add spoiler tags to images, videos, and attachments you send through the Discord website or the standalone app for Windows or Mac.

To mark it as a spoiler, you have to manually rename the attachment and add the word “SPOILER_” before it.

Example: SPOILER_IMG-Discord-image.jpg

Once you rename the image/video and share it, Discord will automatically blur out the attachment and mark it as a Discord spoiler alert.

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